Army Major Who Conquered Cancer To Attempt Pyrenees Ski Challenge

Major Alex Price will attempt to become the first person to ski unsupported across the Pyrenees.

An Army major, who beat cancer less than a year ago, is hoping to become the first person to ski unsupported across the Pyrenees.

Major Alex Price, who serves in the 4th Battalion The Rifles, had surgery to remove a tumour in his liver just last year.

Now, he aims to travel along the spine of the Pyrenees, taking on what is usually a summer walking route in harsh winter conditions.

He is currently undergoing his final preparations at Aldershot Barracks ahead of taking on the challenge next week.

Speaking to Forces News, Major Price said the idea came to him whilst he was recovering in hospital:

"I was feeling as though I was potentially cheated out of life at such a young age.

"I thought, 'there's still lots I really want to do here.' This is one of the things that popped into my head."

Major Alex Price will have to carry all of his supplies and emergency kit with him during his journey.

Using ski-mountaineering skills picked up through his military experience, he will take on the challenge of human endurance and endeavour.

The soldier will ski more than 400 kilometres across the mountain range, carrying all his equipment and food.

The largest potential threat Major Price faces is an avalanche. He will have to carry the kit required to make emergency contact with rescue teams.

Ration packs containing meals of around 1,000 calories will also add to the weight of the journey - which will be both a mental and physical challenge. 

"I think one of the hardest things will be loneliness...there'll be about four or five days at a time where I won't see a soul", he said. 

Major Price hopes his journey will promote a can-do message for those overcoming cancer.

He is hoping to complete the task, known as Project: Bold Pyrenees, along the France-Spain border within 28 days. 

Cover image: Social media footage of Major Alex Price skiing (Picture: Major Alex Price).