Armed Forces Day

Army Units Celebrate Last Armed Forces Day In Germany

The last Armed Forces Day while the Army still has major units based in Germany has taken place.

Music from tribute acts and a military band were among the highlights at a special event in Sennelager.

The celebrations took place at the Normandy Barracks, the Army's last remaining military training centre in Germany.

Lieutenant Colonel Bob Wells officially launched the event.

"The right thing to do and especially on Armed Forces Day is to gather as much of our community together and our veterans to basically enjoy being in the military and also a chance for them to enjoy and reflect on their service over many, many years," said Lt Col Wells.

The Armed Forces Day party is in a base where soldiers train for war, but for the day gunfire and explosions were replaced by live music entertainment.

Icecream was served at AFD 2019 in Germany 300619 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Food and entertainment were provided to those attending the celebrations.

The familiar green tents used during training were replaced by white ones, where food and drinks were catered to those attending.

"It is a big change from firing tanks, but I have been put in charge of catering now so I am hoping I can just about survive that ordeal," said Lieutenant Colonel Nick Cowley.

The event was attended by military families and military personnel.

Many of those who were there will soon be leaving Germany.

Lieutenant Colonel Bob Wells launched the celebrations in Germany 300619 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Lieutenant Colonel Bob Wells launched the event.

"All we take back now is memories of Germany and I am thankful they managed to set this up for everyone," said Corporal Niko Pilitati.

Sarah Hoey, whose husband is serving in the Army, was also in Sennelager for the celebrations.

"I look forward to it things like this every year. You know thanks to the families for what they do what some of us put up with I suppose," said Ms Hoey.