Army Reservists Take To The Field In Germany

32 Signal Regiment continue their training with Exercise Northern Charge on the Sennelager Training Area.

Reserve soldiers from 32 Signal Regiment have been brought together in Germany to enhance their skills as a unit on Exercise Northern Charge.

The two-week exercise at the Sennelager Training Area is part of the soldiers mandatory 'Annual Continuous Training' and is designed to develop their fieldcraft, shooting and patrol skills.

Major Heather Lawrie, Officer Commanding 51 Signal Squadron, 32 Signal Regiment, says the exercise is 'a big team effort' that has brought together soldiers of all levels to train together:

"We've literally got people straight out of recruit training - up to your regular soldier - but then you've got your experienced reservist and ex-regulars who've decided to join the reserves."

Reserve soldier from 32 Signal Regt on Ex Northern Charge in Sennelager
Soldier from 32 Signal Regiment takes aim on Exercise Northern Charge in Germany.

The soldiers have spent two weeks training in Germany, practicing a series of scenarios from single person, to working in teams.

Corporal Philip Mainka was a former regular soldier who has returned as a reservist. He says they are all trained to the same level:

"Obviously you're not able to train as often but the level of training and what we're given is no different."

Soldiers from 32 Signal Regiment prepare for Exercise Northern Charge in Germany
32 Signal Regiment comprises units based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Belfast.

Lieutenant David John joined the Signals as a reservist whilst at University. 

Fifteen years later, he says he feels a degree of satisfaction in seeing how his team have developed over the course of the exercise:

"This is my platoon. They are now doing what they've been working on for the whole week."