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Army Releases 'Healthy Soldier Cookbook'

The book is specifically aimed at Armed Forces personnel, and written for a small budget and Army kitchens. 

The British Army has launched the 'Healthy Soldier Cookbook' in a bid to help troops embrace a better diet.

Celebrity Chef Adam Grey wrote the book having worked in kitchens for 35 years and holding a Michelin star for a decade, but admitted it was "challenging".

"It challenged me to make sure that the end recipe was still good as if you'd had a hob... or an oven or something like that," he said.

"I just had to think differently, a bit [outside] of the box, and for me it was brilliant."

It has been written specifically for military personnel who cook in an army kitchen on a small budget.

Private Phillipa Burstow, 22 Field Hospital, said: "It’s really nice to not have a cookery book that needs 12 hobs and three different trays in the oven, because we just don’t have that stuff.

Staff Sergeant Alecia Grant seasoning food she cooked after following a recipe from the Army's Healthy Soldier Cookbook 230920 SOURCE BFBS
Staff Sergeant Alecia Grant believes the cookbook is accessible to all.

The Army says the aim of the book is to encourage soldiers to be more aware of what they put into their bodies and eat more healthily.

Staff Sergeant Alecia Grant, Home Command, said the recipes are accessible to all and there is "at least one recipe" in the book that anyone could cook.

"I mean there’s a toastie sandwich in that book," she said, "who can’t make a toastie, it’s just bread in a toaster."