Army Officer Takes Command Of British Forces In Afghanistan

Brigadier Olly Brown is leading the Kabul Security Force - a multinational effort comprised of troops from the UK, US, Denmark and Mongolia.

A North Yorkshire-based senior Army officer has taken over the command of British forces in Afghanistan.

Brigadier Olly Brown, who heads both 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East in the UK, took over the job at the start of the month, replacing Brigadier Chris Ordway, who returns to Britain.

The role sees Brig Brown lead the Kabul Security Force – made up of troops from Denmark, Mongolia and the US, as well as the UK contingent.

Brig Brown's appointment comes amid uncertainty over the future of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The latest US withdrawal from the country has seen American troop levels in Afghanistan drop to its lowest since 2001, with 2,500 personnel remaining.

The UK ended combat operations in Afghanistan in 2014 but according to the British Army website, nearly 1,000 troops are still deployed to the country as part of a NATO mission.

In December, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance could decide this month whether to end its two decades of military presence in Afghanistan

Brig Brown takes charge of the Kabul Security Force as part of the role (Picture: British Army).

Brig Brown is not the only soldier from 4th Infantry Brigade, known as 'the Black Rats', to be deployed abroad –  the unit is currently one of the most utilised formations in the British Army.

Troops under its command are currently serving across the world, including 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland (The Royal Highland Fusiliers) in Afghanistan and the Light Dragoons in Mali.

Alongside operations, personnel are also committed to overseas training packages, such as Exercise Askari Storm in Kenya and Exercise African Lion in Morocco.

In the UK, 4th Infantry Brigade personnel are supporting the NHS, as part of Joint Military Command North East, as Britain continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Cover image: Brigadier Olly Brown (Picture: British Army).