Army Medics Test Mass Casualty Response

More than 100 Army medics have taken part to a 10-day annual camp in Yorkshire to test their readiness as a military field hospital.

Exercise Jorvik Standby simulates a mass casualty scenario to assess the ability of reservists from 204 Field Hospital and regulars from 243 Field Hospital to deploy at short notice.

Formally a Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) workshop, the Army Medical Services Training Centre can be transformed into any hospital set-up, depending on the training exercise. 

In the past, it has been an exact replica of the hospitals in Camp Bastion and more recently it mimicked the medical facilities in Sierra Leone.

Cameras and microphones have been set up to record the medics, who are being closely monitored by observers in the gallery.

Once the exercise ends, reservists will return to Northern Ireland and the facility will be prepared to resemble a smaller hospital in South Sudan.

Dozens more troops will train at the centre for their next deployment with the UN.

Ex Jorvik Standby

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