Soldier using Elbit Dismounted Joint Fires Integrator (DJFI)

Army Invests £102m In 'State-Of-The-Art' Detect And Destroy System

The thermal sight technology will enhance soldiers’ ability to find and identify targets, providing crucial targeting information.

Soldier using Elbit Dismounted Joint Fires Integrator (DJFI)

The British Army has invested £102 million in a high-end surveillance system which could allow soldiers to detect and engage enemy targets in seconds.

Elbit Systems UK's "sensor-to-shooter" system, the Dismounted Joint Fires Integrator (DJFI), uses state-of-the-art thermal sight technology to provide soldiers with targeting information necessary to fire more quickly and accurately.

Using specialist software on a tablet, the information gathered by the DJFI is then sent digitally to an artillery system or aircraft to engage the target, while the soldier operating the system stays hidden.

Defence Procurement Minister Jeremy Quin hailed the new technology as the latest step in Britain’s battlefield technology.

"This contract with Elbit Systems UK not only delivers the very latest in battlefield technology to our frontline soldiers but, also, invests in the British defence industry, sustaining more than 500 jobs across the UK," he said.

Soldier using Elbit Dismounted Joint Fires Integrator (DJFI)
Information gathered is then sent digitally to an aircraft or artillery system (Picture: MOD).

DJFI will deliver six distinct Fires Integration equipment suites, each focused on a different specific mission role on the battlefield.

Any new technology delivered will be designed to be integrated seamlessly alongside similar equipment used by allied forces, making UK forces more effective in overseas operations.

Colonel Sheldon, Assistant Head of the Army Joint Effects Delivery team, said that securing the equipment would benefit other branches of the military as well.

"DJFI will enable rapid and highly accurate target engagements.

"In addition to being fielded across the Army to our fire support teams and joint terminal attack controllers, DJFI will also deliver capability to 3 Commando Brigade, the RAF Regiment and our special forces.

"This is a key system that will contribute directly to modernising our forces to face future threats," he added.

Cover image: MOD.