Army explosive ordnance disposal team

Army Helps Remove WWII Bomb Found In Central London

Police evacuated the surrounding cafes, restaurants, pubs, and offices.

Army explosive ordnance disposal team

The Army explosive ordnance disposal team has been involved in removing a World War Two bomb found in central London.

Police were called just after 1pm when the device was discovered next to the Soho Hotel.

Cafes, restaurants, pubs, and offices in the surrounding area were then evacuated by police.

An MOD spokesperson said: "An Army explosive ordnance disposal team has been called out to Soho to support the Metropolitan Police after the discovery of a 500kg WWII device.

"The Army EOD team has confirmed the bomb was safe to remove overnight to a location where it will be detonated.

"Military personnel are regularly required to assist with the disposal of historic ordnance such as this, ensuring every situation is dealt with as quickly as possible for the safety of the general public."

At first, a larger area was cordoned off between Oxford Street, Charing Cross Road, and Shaftesbury Avenue.

However, this was later scaled back with the public allowed back into the area.

Cover image: library photo.