Army Flexes Military Muscle And Future Combat Power On Salisbury Plain

A combat power demonstration of the military's vision for future battles.

The Army has been displaying how it could carry out urban-warfare operations in a future conflict.

At the annual Combat Power Demonstration on Salisbury Plain, 1st Battalion Royal Welsh, King's Royal Hussars, and 26 Engineer Regiment demonstrated how they might liberate an industrial town from an enemy.

It was watched by a wide audience from school-children to generals.

Lieutenant Colonel Gary McDade, the Project Lead for the demonstration, said it is an opportunity to show the public "who is serving within the Army".

"The Army Combat Power Demonstration is all about showing the Army's capabilities, its utility to the nation and also to try and educate people about what the Army is and who is serving within the Army," Lt Col McDade said.

Army Combat Power Demonstration Credit BFBS 30.10.19.jpg
On Salisbury Plain armoured vehicles were used to fight against the enemy.

Some of the hardware that soldiers might use in the future has also been on display.

These included a consumer drone and a gaming headset.

A tiny drone was also on display which the Army says offers soldiers a birds-eye view up to a kilometre away.

A new type of armoured personnel carrier that could take on the role of transporting troops in theatre also demonstrated its capabilities.

The government plans to buy 500 of the mechanised infantry vehicles - but the order has not yet been signed off by ministers.

Army Combat Power Demonstration with gaming headset Credit BFBS 30.10.19.jpg
Gaming headsets were tested for possible future use in the forces.

For the Army, the Combat Power Demonstration offers a chance to show how it's developed in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), strength in international relations and innovation strategies.

For the audience, it means seeing close-up more than one-hundred troops simulating an attack both inside and outside on Salisbury Plain, using a range of armoured vehicles, aircraft and technological powers.