Army Divers Practise Underwater Engineering On Exercise Submerged Crusader

The exercise sees specialist troops practise underwater engineering skills needed to keep ports operational on any military mission.

British Army divers have gathered in the north of Scotland for training exercise, Submerged Crusader, practising the skills needed to perform vital engineering work.

More than 80 divers are training in Moray Firth and off the Isle of Skye, sharing their expertise with other units and polishing their skills.

The theme for this year’s exercise is port and theatre enablement, which sees those diving clear underwater obstructions.

This is key for any combat mission or disaster and humanitarian relief efforts.

"Where the land meets water we need Army expertise to work in close conjunction with our Navy teammates," said 8 Engineer Brigade Commander, Brigadier Joe Fossey.

The exercise sees divers from different units from across the Army sharing expertise.

"It’s interesting if you wind the clock back a month or so ago and nobody really anticipated the city of Beirut’s port going up and that brought into sharp relief just how dependent countries and cities are on their ports and sea lines of communication. 

"So actually within the Army, our divers enable the force, they protect the force and they look to project the force as well."

UK personnel were deployed to assist in the aftermath of a huge explosion in the Lebanese capital last month.

British Army soldiers delivered equipment to help build field kitchens, while the Royal Air Force transported cold storage units for medical supplies to the Lebanese military.

Royal Navy survey vessel HMS Enterprise was also sent to the country to carry out an assessment of the damage to the port.