Army Deployed To Help 'Exhausted' Flood-Hit Residents In Yorkshire

Personnel were called in to assist with flood relief efforts in the Calder Valley over the weekend.

British Army soldiers deployed to help with flood relief in Yorkshire on Saturday.

Troops were sent to deal with rising water levels in the Calder Valley, with Storm Dennis expected to bring heavy rainfall.

Seventy-five personnel from 4th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, worked alongside the Environment Agency on Saturday to erect and repair barriers and flood defences in Ilkley and Calderdale.

An additional 70 reservists from 4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, were also called in to provide support where necessary.

Watch: Major William Wright, Officer Commanding, A Company, 4 SCOTS, tells Forces News about the work troops are doing in the Calder Valley.

4 SCOTS and reservists from 4 YORKS used sandbags and tar palling to build flood barriers and repair defences across the riverbanks damaged by Storm Ciara.

"These are pre-filled sandbags that the soldiers are passing over to the far side... those sandbags will stop the water from shifting the tar palling away if the bank gets broken," Major William Wright explained to Forces News on Saturday as operations were underway.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: "The Government won't hesitate to use all means at its disposal to mitigate the effects of Storm Dennis."

Colonel Nigel Rhodes, Deputy Commander of 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East, said: "Troops will remain on task as long as required."

He added 4th Infantry Brigade are "happy to be doing our bit".

"This extra and expert resource couldn’t be more welcome to support already exhausted communities and help us respond to further weather warnings across Calderdale," Calderdale Council leader Tim Swift said.

Flood defences in Mytholmroyd in the Upper Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, erected ahead of Storm Dennis (Picture: PA).

The council said six community "flood hubs" will remain open, but that its resources have been stretched due to Storm Ciara.

During the weekend 8/9 February, a month's rainfall fell in just 12 hours.

More than 400 properties were flooded in Yorkshire - 200 of which were in Mytholmroyd, a village in the Upper Calder Valley.