Army Construction Vehicles To Undergo £240m Maintenance

The fleet has been used to help parts of the UK hit by floods, as well as the military's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The military's construction vehicles are to be refreshed, thanks to a £240m maintenance contract.

The new seven-year contract has been awarded to AmeyBriggs to maintain, manage and support the Ministry of Defence's (MOD) fleet of construction vehicles - known as MITER.

Simon Herrington, who led the Defence Equipment And Support team that secured the contract, said it was the "culmination of five years' hard work".

The MOD said the contract will also help save £136m over 10 years and sustain jobs across the UK. 

As part of the contract, AmeyBriggs will support military personnel to ensure they can use the vehicles safely and effectively, the MOD added.

The MITER fleet were used to provide relief in the Caribbean after Hurricanes Irma and Dorian (Picture: MOD).

The fleet is made up of numerous vehicles, such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes and forklift trucks.

Recently, they were used to help provide relief to Caribbean islands struck by hurricanes Irma and Dorian.

In the UK, the fleet has helped provide relief during major flooding and has supported the military's response to COVID-19 by delivering vital medical supplies.

Cover image: An Army Mexifloat raft during disaster relief operations in the Caribbean (Picture: MOD).