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Army Chiefs Draft In Zero-Tolerance Policy On Drug Use

In the previous policy, soldiers who were kicked out for illegal drug use were able to rejoin after two years.

Soldier silhouetted ANON

Army chiefs have brought in tough rules to stamp out illegal drug use.

Soldiers who fail tests will be dismissed immediately — and banned from rejoining, or enlisting with the reserves, The Sun reports.

In a statement, the Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson said:

 “The use of such substances is incompatible with military service and has no place in our Armed Forces.

 “A zero-tolerance approach to illegal drugs is the only way to ensure those high standards are maintained across our world-class military.”

The move comes weeks after the Ministry of Defence (MOD) was forced to defend the readmissions after it emerged that financial incentives had been offered to some to rejoin in specialist roles.

The Army said financial incentives had been offered to fewer than 10 people since the scheme began in April, where there is a "clear need to fill highly skilled or specialist roles".

According to the Mail on Sunday, in 2017, recruits in the first 14 weeks of training who failed a drugs test were being "back-squadded", or returned to the early stages of drills, but given the opportunity to pass the second test and remain in the Army.

The newspaper said, in its report last year, it obtained an internal MOD document which read:

"Young recruits in the first 14 weeks of training who fail on their first drugs test and meet the retention criteria will be allowed to continue with their training but will be 'back-squadded' and will face further drugs testing.

"Should they fail on two occasions, they will be discharged."

The zero-tolerance policy was believed to have been delivered to commanders on Wednesday.  

Under the new policy, there's now a blanket ban on both soldiers and new recruits in training rejoining after being caught taking illegal drugs.