Army Cadets Aim To Be UK Champion

Britain's best Army cadets compete for the annual title...

Army cadets from across the UK have been shooting, navigating and practicing First Aid as part of their efforts to be crowned the best.

Army cadets navigation skills are tested at annual competition
Army cadets navigation skills are tested at the annual competition

The two-day competition at the Cadet Training Centre in Surrey has been testing the physical and mental skills of 33 hopefuls with a series of tasks.  

Lance Corporal Victoria Grinnall was a teenage cadet and later joined the Army. She says her time with the Army Cadet Force helped to build her confidence.

"The cadets pushed me out of my horizons and brought me out of my comfort zone" 

Champion Cadet hopefuls on the shooting range
The best cadet form each county in the UK is put forward

The Army Cadet Force says it has nearly 40,000 members in more than 1,600 units across the UK. Although the ACF is sponsored by the Army, there is no requirement to enlist with any of the Armed Forces.

Cadet practices First Aid on a colleague

Sergeant Major Rachel Humphries says her time with the ACF has had an important effect on her.

"Standing up in front of groups of people delivering presentations and speeches. It really develops your confidence and your people skills"

Champion Cadet hopefuls practice First Aid
Champion Cadet hopefuls face two days of physical and mental tests

To become Champion Cadet is considered to be the pinnacle of a cadets time within the ACF. The winner receives a silver statue and bears the title for the year.

Champion Cadet hopefuls on the shooting range
Champion Cadet is considered the top honour in the ACF

The previous winner has spoken at conferences in front of high-ranking officers and other events where they promote the work of the Army Cadet Forces.