Trevelyan building, newcastle college

The Army has carried out a controlled explosion in the centre of Newcastle after hazardous chemicals were removed from a college building.

The bomb disposal (EOD) team moved the chemicals from Newcastle College and blew them up on the city's Town Moor.

According to Northumbria Police, the soldiers were called in on Sunday morning after staff raised concerns about the conditions in which the materials were stored.

This followed advice issued nationally about the storage of particular chemicals used at schools and colleges across the country.

Police have said there was "nothing untoward or suspicious about this incident".

Chief Inspector Dave Morrison said: "A diligent member of staff raised concern and as a precaution the chemicals were disposed of safely by explosives ordnance disposal."

A spokesman said roads around in the area were closed for a short time to allow the incident to be dealt with safely.

He said residents in the area were not evacuated but were informed about the incident.

EOD bomb disposal engineers are expert in safely disposing unexploded ordnances after a conflict.

In peacetime, they provide expertise to clear civilian areas and to carry out counter-terrorist search, uncovering illegal arms and explosives.

Picture courtesy of The JPS.