Flag raising ceremony in Westminster marks Armed Forces Week (Picture: MOD).

Armed Forces Week Launched With Flag Raisings

Flag raising ceremony in Westminster marks Armed Forces Week (Picture: MOD).

The UK is flying the Armed Forces Day flag once again, as a week of forces-themed events gets under way.

To start Armed Forces week, flag-raising ceremonies across the UK gave the public an opportunity to recognise the sacrifices made by personnel at home and overseas.

Community celebrations and virtual activities will follow, as will Armed Forces Day on 26 June.

Personnel and their families will mark the day at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, with separate events also taking place elsewhere in the country.

Edinburgh Castle, Cardiff, Carrickfergus and Plymouth are some of the places now flying the Armed Forces Day flag.

In London, the Houses of Parliament raised the flag in New Palace Yard at the Palace of Westminster and it will stay flying all week.

Watch: Armed Forces Day Flag Raised In Plymouth.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: "As we kick off events to mark this year's Armed Forces Day, I'm delighted that the House of Commons is showing their support for our service personnel by raising the flag and signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

"This week is an annual opportunity for all of us to recognise the work our Armed Forces do, at home and abroad, to keep us safe."

UK military personnel are currently serving on 39 operations in 40 countries, from naval operations in the Persian Gulf, to air missions above Eastern Europe, to on-the-ground civilian protection in Africa.

Military personnel have also played a key role in Britain's battle against COVID-19, which led to the cancellation of last year's national Armed Forces Day event.

Cover image: Flag-raising ceremony marks Armed Forces Week in Westminster (Picture: MOD).

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