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Armed Forces Mental Health Champion Quits Twitter Over 'Poor Mental Health As A Result Of Trolling'

Warrant Officer Class One Glenn Haughton said he has witnessed and received "some shocking behaviour from people that should know better".

The Armed Forces Mental Health Champion has quit Twitter after "suffering poor mental health as a result of trolling over a six-year period".

Warrant Officer Class One Glenn Haughton revealed his decision as campaigns for Mental Health Awareness Week start.

"I have witnessed & been on the receiving end of some shocking behaviour from people that should know better," he tweeted.

"My apologies to the good followers & hope for the bad ones."

The decision comes after he told Forces News how the Armed Forces are using social media platforms to spread the message that it's ok to ask for help with mental health.

WO1 Haughton has been a figurehead for the military online for a long time, first as an Army Sergeant Major in 2015.

He was then enlisted as an advisor to the Chiefs of Staff Committee, where he took on the role of Armed Forces Mental Health Champion.

WO1 Haughton has not detailed the online abuse that has caused him to quit the social media platform.

In February, General Sir Patrick Sanders, Commander of Strategic Command, encouraged military personnel to speak up about their own experiences after opening up about his own mental health struggles as part of the Army's Time to Talk Day 2021 which aims to promote conversations about mental health in an effort to help end any stigmas. 

Gen Sanders spoke about how his experiences of leading soldiers in combat situations left him feeling suicidal and drinking alone in the middle of the night.

Cover image: WO1 Glenn Haughton speaking to Forces News earlier this year.