Are Taliban creating 'discipline' in Afghanistan through new national army?

Military training has taken place in Samangan Province, as some reject Taliban claims some former Afghan Security Forces are welcome.

Afghanistan’s Taliban government says 300 personnel have completed military training at a centre in Samangan Province, amid concern for former national troops welcomed to a new force.

The regime’s plan, to create a new national army of 100,000 trained personnel within two years, features Afghan National Army soldiers with technical expertise, according to a spokesman.

However, there are reports of many former members suffering brutal reprisals at the hands of the Taliban.

Journalist Lynne O’Donnell said: "The central leadership of the Taliban is interested in bringing some discipline to its rule.

"Factions within the group have been fighting each other for the spoils of war in the months following last summer’s takeover, but there’s now a determination to be recognised as a national movement."

Ms O’Donnell dismissed the idea that former national troops are welcome under Taliban plans, adding that individuals are being "hunted down" and killed in an escalating fashion.