Are 'Giant Leaps Making A Comeback'? US Space Force Launches New Advert

The United States Space Force has launched its new recruitment advert, promising "exploration" and "new horizons" for America.

The video centres around the possibilities of "the future", with the narrator saying: "I see giant leaps making a comeback."

Space Force, the US's first new military service in more than 70 years, was first announced by Mr Trump in June 2018 as the sixth branch of America's armed forces, "separate but equal" to the US Air Force.

It was formally established in December 2019 at a signing ceremony at Joint Base Andrews just outside Washington.

US Space Force ad

In April, the Space Force received its first group of commissioned personnel into the service.

Eighty-six people graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, moving straight into the Space Force.

There are a total of 16,000 airmen and civilians that are assigned to the Space Force, but who technically remain part of the Air Force, which previously oversaw offensive operations in space.

Its first-ever Chief of Space Operations General John W. Raymond was sworn in at the start of the year, while in March the service launched its first mission, releasing a national security satellite.

The Space Force is different to the re-launched Space Command, which is responsible for military operations in outer space.

Cover image: US Department of Defense.

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