Polar Preet: Quickfire questions to the Antarctic record-breaker

Following her record-breaking Antarctic expedition, British Army Captain Preet Chandi is gearing up for her next polar quest.

The Army physiotherapist, nicknamed Polar Preet, now hopes to be the world's first woman to cross coast-to-coast via the South Pole unsupported.

We caught up with her and asked a few quickfire questions about her recent exploits and future plans.

What was your best moment?

"There were days where it was great, the sun was out and there was minimal wind and I just looked around and I thought 'wow I can't see anyone and it’s just me'."

What was the scariest moment?

"Probably towards the end when I hadn't slept, and I felt a little bit confused for a little while."

What kept you going?

"Thinking about all the people that I was hopefully inspiring, the reasons I was doing it."

What surprised you the most?

"Some days I fell so many times. One day I fell six/seven times in a few hours, and I was like 'ah!'. Literally kept going over and over again."

How did you navigate?

"I used my GPS every morning just to double check my bearing and then I had my compass on a mount and I followed the arrow."

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What did you drink?

"I had hot chocolate, I had recovery drinks when I finished, and I had flavoured powder in my water as I went along as well."

What was your favourite snack?

"I love chocolate and the chocolate was amazing."

How much weight did you lose?

"Ten kilos."

How many pairs of socks did you go through?


Did you have a song that kept you going?

"I really like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun because it’s really upbeat and I remember every time that song came on it made me smile."

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