Another Milestone For The RAF Baton As It's Passed Over At Gateshead

It's set to visit 100 places in the UK and across the world...

It's been on the road for two months and the latest destination for the RAF100 baton is Gateshead – the 71st stop on a trip around the UK and abroad. 

It's set to visit 100 places in the UK and across the world.

The latest handover was from RAF Boulmer to RAF Leeming.

Gateshead bridge

The Gateshead bridge was illuminated in RAF colours to mark the baton's brief stay in Tyne and Wear before heading down to County Durham where it will begin a tour of Yorkshire.

Cllr Jill Green, Gateshead Mayor-Elect, watched as the baton was passed over and said: "I think what they've done is really great - it really marks the 100 years."

RAF batton

The baton will first make 100 revolutions of Billingham ice rink and then launch into its Yorkshire engagements, Flight Lieutenant Miriam Aicheler has been responsible for its schedule.

She said: "We've got the baton for 10 days, it's going ice skating, it's going shooting with the cadets, it's going for dinner."

"We're going to do parades and thanksgivings - it's going to be taking part in the commemorative day as well and meeting people in the community...

"It's going cycling, running, it's visiting the York minister, it's going canoeing as well - and hopefully, it's going to stay dry and we won't drown it.

"We've got a really packed schedule for the baton over the next 10 days."

As daylight fell on the bridge, the next stage for the baton shone brightly for its commemorative tour.

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