Ancient Artefacts Unearthed At RAF Akrotiri

The RAF's busiest operation base has opened its doors to local Cypriots to see the work of archaeologists that are excavating the remains of Roman ruins that were found on the island.  

British archaeologists and locals explore Roman ruins at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus

The head of the project, Professor Simon James, says it's important for local communities to be kept informed about what outsiders are doing to their ancient artifacts.

"When we come to a country like Cyprus we're very aware as archaeologists that we're digging up other people's heritage"

The Dreamers Bay Ancient Port Excavation involves students from the Universities of Leicester and Southampton, the UK Ministry of Defence and the Republic of Cyprus Department of Antiquities.

British archaeologists explore ruins of Roman port at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus

The excavations began in 2015 as part of an effort to rescue artefacts from the ruins that are now inside the grounds of RAF Akrotiri at the tip of southern Cyprus.

Archaeologist explore site of ancient Roman port at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus

Digging has uncovered the foundations of buildings that are thought to have been built in the 3rd century, and were destroyed in an earthquake around the year 360 AD.

Archaeology students clean artifacts at site of ancient Roman port at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus

The site is believed to contain the remains of a ship repair yard. Archaeology student Pauline Carroll says their findings support the idea that it was once a busy Roman port.

"These pots would have stood in wooden holes when they were put onto the ship to hold them up"

Roman artifact from site of ancient port at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus

Local Cypriot authorities hope the artefacts will eventually be put on display in a new museum.

Archaeologist with locals and artifacts from site of ancient Roman port at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus