1066 battleground discovered

An archaeological expert has claimed a lengthy investigation has revealed the site of the famous 1066 Battle of Fulford - which is now a new housing estate.

Chas Jones says the evidence implied 'beyond any sensible doubt' that the historic battle in the city of York took place on land being prepped for new housing.

Caches of weapons including axes, arrows and swords have seen archaeologists pinpoint the exact location of 'Germany Beck' being the historic battleground.

Mr Jones was at loggerheads with house builders Persimmon Homes over a long-running campaign to prevent plans for 650 homes being built on the site.

However, the new homes on the 60-acre site were eventually passed through.

1066 battlesite discovered

Mr Jones, of York, said: “The narrative of any site will, of course, be endless - but we must be brave and state a clear conclusion when it’s justified.

"Just accept that archaeologists are going to argue with you; but please remind them of the damage they do when they publicly nit-pick while avoiding the big picture.

“In this spirit I am happy to state that we have, beyond any sensible doubt, located the 1066 battlesite at Fulford."

The Battle of Fulford preceded other 1066 battles, including Stamford Bridge and the famous Battle of Hastings.

The unearthed findings will go on display in York city centre as part of the Jorvik Viking Festival on Friday and Saturday - alongside a tapestry depicting the battle.