Amputee Boy Racer Billy Monger Returns To The Track

18-year-old Billy Monger still dreams of competitive racing...

Teenage driving star Billy Monger has been back behind the wheel of a high-performance car at a special forces motor sport event at the NEC in Birmingham.

Amputee teenage racing driver Billy Monger climbs into car

The 18-year-old known as 'Billy Whizz' had both of his legs amputated last April, after he collided with a stationary car at 120mph during a Formula 4 championship race.

Teenage racing driver Billy Monger's prosthetic legs

Billy has been helped by the Mission Motorsport team, led by ex-army amputee Lionel O’Connor, to drive again in adapted vehicles. Monger said being around injured veterans has fueled his desire to return to the race track. 

"I'm just trying to draw on every bit of experience they've got"

Billy spent 4 months with the precision driving team, learning the stunt skills, which formed part of a display involving wounded, injured and sick ex-servicemen in powerful Jaguar F-Type sports cars.

Amputee teenage racing driver Billy Monger on the track