Amphibious Bridge-Rigs Linking UK And Germany

The M3 bridging rigs can drive into water and join together to create platforms for troops.

German and Royal Engineers are combining personnel and amphibious rigs to create a first-of-its-kind battalion.

German-British Amphibious Engineer Battalion 130 will feature M3 rigs that can drive into water and rapidly link up to become bridges. 

Heavy military kit can then cross waters thanks to the technology – a focus of the new Army unit.

Royal Engineers will form one of the battalion's six squadrons, although the unit's go-to language will be English.

In return, the British personnel will learn German hand signals to keep missions as efficient as possible.

Lieutenant Cliodhna Burke, Troop Commander within the unit, said: "We've definitely seen the drills get slicker, the communication between the Germans and the Brits get quicker."