Striking Images Of HMS Severn Setting Sail With New WW2 Paint Scheme

HMS Severn has set sail from Falmouth – boasting her brand new 'Western Approaches' paint job.

The Royal Navy offshore patrol vessel has returned to the service – four years after she was decommissioned.

Although her exterior may look similar to that of dazzle ships, Severn is in fact coloured in the 'Western Approaches' paint scheme – a nod to history and a mark of respect to the sailors who fought and died in the Battle of the Atlantic.

As a development of earlier Royal Navy camouflages, the scheme was first used on World War Two destroyer HMS Broke.

It was then replicated for other destroyers and small ships engaged in anti-submarine operations, designed to "hide" the vessels, according to Severn's Commanding Officer, Commander Phil Harper.

We went to see Severn before she left Falmouth.