Aldershot's Abandoned Military Hospital: From Past To Present

Don't miss our interactive look at the famous landmark's past and present - at the same time...

Opened on 18 July 1879, Aldershot's Cambridge Military Hospital was state-of-the-art in its day.

But the building's long history as an active hospital came to an end in 1996 and in recent years, it could be argued that it's become better known for its state of disrepair than its proud military history.

Now though, thanks to Forces Network, you can see this famous landmark's past and present - at the same time.

Just use our slider below to see how it looks now, compared to its busy wartime days...

The hospital was originally used to serve Aldershot's various Army camps but really came into its own in the First World War.

During this conflict, it became the first base hospital to receive some of the many casualties from the Western Front.

Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot - past & present
The photograph of the hospital in its busy wartime years, superimposed on top of how it looks today

Treatment did not end with the First World War, meanwhile. The institution was also one of Britain's first military hospitals to have Army nurses on standby to care for the wounded and injured of World War Two, while staff helped care for casualties from the first Gulf War (1990-1991).

Spookily, the hospital is said to have a 'grey lady ghost' on its upper floor.

This type of spirit has been described as a 'ghostly apparition', appearing most often at night, with witnesses seeing a ghostly image briefly flit past.

Want to see for yourself? This Halloween Forces Network will be running a live stream from the abandoned hospital to try to catch a glimpse of the Grey Lady...

Cover image shows one of the hospital's wards, with once state-of-the-art lighting fixtures hanging from the walls. Used with kind permission of Sophie Garrett.

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