Mozambique Aid Helicoper

Team Rubicon Providing Mozambique Aid 'By Whatever Means Possible'

Kenneth was the second powerful cyclone to hit Mozambique in the space of six weeks.

Mozambique Aid Helicoper

The ex-military team of volunteers began giving assistance earlier this month (Picture: Team Rubicon UK).

A group of former armed forces personnel are on the ground in Mozambique helping to get aid to those affected by the recent cyclones.

Team Rubicon was in the country helping with the aftermath of Cyclone Idai last month - and are now having to find double the capacity after the arrival of Cyclone Kenneth.

They are providing "last mile logistics", getting humanitarian aid to remote communities and those most in need.

Mozambique Aid Distribution
(Picture: Team Rubicon UK).

Operations Response Manager for Team Rubicon, Paul Taylor, is on the ground in northern Mozambique:

"Their critical needs are going to be food, shelter, water and access to health facilities for those that have been injured."

Team Rubicon is playing a key role in getting vital aid from the airstrip in Beira to forward operating bases.

"Going out by whatever means possible to get it to those people in need.

"That might mean moving aid in locally purchased vehicles, tractors or 4x4 type trucks, it has been going in boats, in helicopters and people have been operating by foot."

WATCH: Operations Response Manager Paul Taylor explains what Team Rubicon UK is doing in the harrowing circumstances.

Kenneth was the second powerful cyclone to hit Mozambique in just six weeks.

It was the first time in recorded history that two cyclones had targeted the southern African nation in a single season.

More than 900 people died when the Cyclone Idai brought devastation to Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

At least three million people were left in need of humanitarian assistance.