Trapped former Afghan interpreters worry time is running out to escape Taliban

Former Afghan interpreters, who worked with British Forces but are trapped in Afghanistan, are frightened as the Taliban increases control.

Men who once served alongside British Forces as interpreters, but were not part of the evacuation from Afghanistan, are growing increasingly concerned about their safety and chances of surviving Taliban rule.

Forces News reporter Rosie Laydon spoke to one former interpreter who was so frightened by the appearance of Taliban militants at his door, he jumped out of a third-storey window.

Still recovering from his injuries, he said: "I am extremely worried about myself and my wife and children. Every two days I change my location, the Taliban are constantly coming to my house.

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"I don't know how to leave the country. I am kindly requesting the British government to help me, please, as soon as possible."

Another interpreter, who applied for the Afghans Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) scheme in September, told us his application is under review.

Speaking about the Taliban, he said: "They are not treating [us] like human beings. They abused my brother and beat my brother."

His family had to risk coming out of hiding to take his sick baby daughter to hospital.