Reunited: Afghan father and son who fled to UK after helping troops

The gardener and interpreter spoke of a merciless Taliban presence in their country.

A former Afghan gardener who worked with British troops at Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, has finally been reunited with one of his sons in the UK.

The pair fled to the UK following the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan this summer.

Jamal, formerly an interpreter for the British Army, translated his father's plight for Forces News.

"The Taliban, I would describe to the people, are the worst human beings on the Earth," he said.

"It’s all they know just violence and killing people,” he added.

The gardener and his family fled their home in August after the Taliban surrounded their house on several occasions.

They recently arrived in the United Kingdom after being evacuated under the ARAP Scheme.

Crowd during Operation Pitting which will see the military aid the evacuation of former British staff eligible for relocation20210822 CREDIT MOD.jpg
Operation Pitting saw UK personnel help evacuate individuals from Afghanistan in August (Picture: MOD).

Speaking on his previous role, the gardener said: "From when I was a child, I used to love the garden, the flowers and the gardening.

"I was very honest to my job when I was working with the British Army.

"I was early to work trying to make my day busy and trying to make a small heaven for the British Army, in somewhere where the officers where coming in and enjoying their time."

Given the opportunity, he said he would still continue the same job in the UK.

Watch the full Forces News report for this story on Monday.