Watch: Veteran MP's Emotional Plea Over 'Harsh Lesson' Of Afghanistan

Tom Tugendhat said the West and the UK had not shown patience and now needed to go forward not dependent on a single ally.

A British Army veteran and MP has warned the UK to learn from the "harsh lesson" of Afghanistan and the dangers of over-reliance on any one ally going forward.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Conservative Minister Tom Tugendhat, called for the country to lay out a "vision" for reinvigorating its partnerships with other European NATO members.

Mr Tugendhat, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq with the British Army, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel, said: "This is a harsh lesson for all of us and if we're not careful it could be a very, very difficult lesson for our allies.

"But it doesn't need to be."

He went on: "We can set out a vision, clearly articulate it, for reinvigorating our European NATO partners, to make sure that we are not dependent on a single ally, on the decision of a single leader, but that we can work together with Japan and Australia, France and Germany, with partners large and small and make sure that we hold the line together."

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