Kabul, Afghanistan (Picture: Alamy).
Kabul, Afghanistan (Picture: Alamy).

Afghans protest over US order to give billions of dollars to 9/11 victims

Kabul, Afghanistan (Picture: Alamy).
Kabul, Afghanistan (Picture: Alamy).

Demonstrators in Afghanistan's capital have condemned US president Joe Biden’s order to free up 3.5 billion dollars (£2.58 billion) in Afghan assets held in the US for families of America’s 9/11 victims – saying the money belongs to Afghans.

Protesters who gathered outside Kabul's grand Eid Gah mosque asked America for financial compensation for the tens of thousands of Afghans killed during the last 20 years of war in their country.

Mr Biden’s order, signed on Friday, allocates another 3.5 billion dollars in Afghan assets for humanitarian aid to a trust fund to be managed by the UN to provide aid to Afghans.

The country's economy is teetering on the brink of collapse after international money stopped coming into Afghanistan with the arrival of the Taliban last August.

Afghanistan has about nine billion dollars (£6.6 billion) in assets overseas, including the seven billion dollars (£5.1 billion) in the United States.

The rest is mostly in Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.

The demonstration's organiser, activist Abdul Rahman, asked: "What about our Afghan people who gave many sacrifices and thousands of losses of lives?"

"This money belongs to the people of Afghanistan, not to the United States. This is the right of Afghans," he said.

Mr Rahman said he planned to organise more demonstrations across the capital to protest against Mr Biden's order.