Afghanistan Veteran Fundraising For Interpreters Who 'Can't Afford' UK Sanctuary

Former soldier Julian Perreira says those who supported troops fighting the Taliban now face financial as well as bureaucratic obstacles.

A former Grenadier Guard is campaigning to bring local interpreters in Afghanistan and their families to the UK, as the Taliban continue their offensive.

NATO forces are finalising a withdrawal from the war-torn country, although many locals who have helped British personnel in the past are struggling to move to the UK.

Julian Perreira, who completed three tours in Afghanistan, says it costs "around $600" for a family of four to leave, while eligibility policy has been criticised by former military officials.

Many of the interpreters are now out of work and "can't afford" to pay the sum, he said.

Now, the veteran has set up a fundraising page to support the efforts of those interpreters who still remain in Afghanistan. 

Mr Perreira told Forces News he has "stepped in" because the interpreters were "directly responsible" for the safety of British troops in Helmand province.