RAF evacuation flight from Kabul arrives at RAF Brize Norton

Afghanistan Evacuation Is 'Humanitarian Disaster' Getting 'Worse And Worse' Each Day

RAF evacuation flight from Kabul arrives at RAF Brize Norton

A former Royal Marine based in Afghanistan has told Forces News the evacuation of Kabul Airport is a "humanitarian disaster that is just getting worse and worse every day".

Paul 'Pen' Farthing has an animal rescue charity in the country, where 900 British troops are currently helping to evacuate British nationals and former Afghan staff.

Mr Farthing has said he will stay in Afghanistan with his staff for as long as it takes for them to get out of the country.

He told Forces News the evacuation process from Afghanistan's capital city "is broken".

"I'm not going to tolerate hearing another minister on TV saying the system is working because it's not," he said.

"Something needs to be done today otherwise more people will die and that is squarely on the hands of the British and the American governments."

The Defence Secretary has said more British troops are being deployed to the airport to help with the evacuation process, while US President Joe Biden has said he is committed to keeping US troops in Afghanistan until every American is evacuated.

Watch: Why Mr Farthing is refusing to leave Afghanistan.

A video posted online earlier this week appeared to show civilians clinging on to an American aircraft leaving Afghanistan's Kabul Airport.

The Chief of Defence Staff said on Wednesday that UK personnel were "collaborating" with the Taliban to get people out of the country.

However, Mr Farthing told Forces News the Taliban are only "allowing people to access the outside of the airport".

"What you've got to imagine now, the airport is a fortress," he said.

Mr Farthing compared the situation around Kabul airport to only being allowed into the car park at Heathrow Airport in London.

"So, the Taliban are allowing you into the car park, but then you've got thousands upon thousands of people in that car park trying to get through those one set of glass doors.

"It does not work."

He also said everything the UK Armed Forces have done over the last 20 years in Afghanistan is now "gone".

"Everything that everybody sacrificed is for nothing, absolutely nothing, and it's heartbreaking."

If you or someone you know needs support at this time, you can find more information by visiting the British Army website and the Government's website.

Further details about support available can be found on our website.

Cover image: RAF evacuation flight from Kabul arrives at RAF Brize Norton (Picture: MOD).

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