Afghanistan: Female Afghan Army Captain 'Relieved' To Escape The Country

Captain Muraal served with the Afghan National Army for 8 years and was evacuated on a flight from Kabul.

A former captain in the Afghan National Army has been speaking about her escape from Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country.

Captain Muraal served with the Afghan forces for eight years and managed to get evacuated with her family on a flight from the capital Kabul.

It is feared the Taliban will target women who helped allied forces in the country over the last 20 years and Capt Muraal saw no choice but to flee as the Taliban seized power.

In an interview released by the UK Ministry of Defence, Capt Muraal said she is "relieved" to have been evacuated from Afghanistan, with plans to continue her studies and "hopefully be able to help the British Army in any capacity".

If you or someone you know needs support at this time, you can find more information by visiting the British Army website and the Government's website.

Further details about support available can be found on the Forces News website.