Sunset behind Gardez mountains in Afghanistan 150618 CREDIT NATO

Afghan Government To Release 900 Inmates As Taliban Considers Extended Ceasefire

It comes as a three-day ceasefire with the insurgents comes to an end.

Sunset behind Gardez mountains in Afghanistan 150618 CREDIT NATO

Afghanistan’s government has said it will free 900 inmates on Tuesday in the single largest prisoner release since the US-Taliban peace deal was signed earlier this year.

It comes as a three-day ceasefire with the Taliban draws to a close.

It would bring the number of Taliban prisoners released so far under the peace accord to 2,000.

There are expectations the prisoner release could lead to new reductions in violence and Taliban officials say they are considering an extension of the ceasefire.

conditional peace deal between the US and the insurgents was signed in February.

The deal included the eventual withdrawal of US and NATO forces from the Middle Eastern country. 

Also as part of the deal, the Afghan government is to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners while the insurgents are to free 1,000 captives. 

File Taliban training camp
The Taliban is to release 1,000 captives under the peace deal (Picture: PA).

The recent ceasefire was declared by the Talban during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr that marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani welcomed the Taliban's decision and in turn, ordered the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces to "defend only if attacked". 

A permanent ceasefire has been touted as Afghanistan’s best chance for peace after nearly four decades of war.

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