I Nursed Baby Passed Over Barbed Wire At Kabul Airport, Army Medic Says

New dad Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Caesar "burped" and "settled" the infant before she was reunited with her mother.

An Army medic deployed to Afghanistan has spoken about nursing the baby girl seen by the world being passed over barbed wire to US Marines at Kabul airport.

Trauma and orthopaedic surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Caesar, of 16 Medical Regiment, was the consultant on shift when the baby – and about a dozen others separated from their parents – was brought in.

"I nursed one of the babies, one that we believe was passed over the wall to the Marines during the evening," he said.

"As a recent father of a 14-month-old, I have a little more experience of dealing with small children and so took her for a walk, walked around the hospital.

"I managed to burp her a few times and she seemed to settle and she then sat with me for another half hour or so while she gently settled down."

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The youngster has now been reunited with her mother, he said, and they are in a safe location outside Afghanistan.

Reflecting on the harrowing scenes inside Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) hospital, Lt Col Caesar said: "The trauma cases we've had coming through the hospital have been very varied.

"We've had a number of gunshot injuries, flash-bang injuries and, also, a significant number of people who have been crushed in the crowd whilst waiting to get through the gates."

He added: "I don't think anyone foresaw the crushing sea of humanity at the gates and how they were going to be affected by the situation."

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