88-Year-Old Veteran's Dream Comes True With Tank Ride

A Wiltshire care home has made one of their resident’s dreams come true.

An 88-year-old veteran has had his dream come true by getting back inside a tank 60 years after leaving the Army.

Ron Pendry joined the military when he was just 18 years old.

He completed various tours, including Germany and Scotland, as a tank driver and instructor.

He was joined by his wife and granddaughter for what proved to be a memorable day for all.

"I think he’ll remember that for a long time. I’m very pleased," said Violet Pendry, Mr Pendry's wife.

"It brings back his childhood memories of what he was and what he was able to do compared to now."

Sarah Stevenson, Mr Pendry's granddaughter, said: "I think he’s over the moon, he doesn’t show his excitement but deep down he’ll be bubbling away.

"He’ll be the talk of the care home tomorrow."

Ron And His Family In The Tank
Mr Pendry previously served as a tank driver in the Army.

Mr Pendry's day out was organised by his care home in Wiltshire. 

Tamara Davis from the care home said Mr Pendry "knew what to do" as soon as he stepped inside the vehicle.

Mr Pendry suffers from Parkinson's disease and recently celebrated his 67th wedding anniversary.

After finishing the tank ride, he was in high spirits and said he "enjoyed it".