75 Years On: Celebrating The Heroic Dam Busters

75 years ago today the RAF's most daring mission of the Second World War was given the go-ahead. 

“Operation Chastise” became known as the Dam Busters Raid and was immortalised in the classic 1955 film.

It’s now been re-versioned into 4K for a special gala screening at the Royal Albert Hall in May, and in 300 cinemas across the UK, where historian Dan Snow will be hosting the event.

On Monday, the reconstructed cockpit of a Lancaster Bomber was parked outside London’s Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the iconic aeroplane’s special anniversary - the cockpit of which is one of only 18 substantial parts left in the world.

the dambusters

Historian and broadcaster Dan Snow who will be hosting the event cites the Dam Busters as one of the most iconic British air raids of all time:

 “It was about identifying one particular choke-point in the enemy’s system, and dropping a bomb on that- so it’s precise.

“That’s what 617 Squadron did back then, and that’s what they still do now, so it’s a raid with huge modern relevance”.

the dambusters

Historian Paul Beaver told us about the bomber’s significance:

“This was an air force made up of people who were conscripted, or who volunteered to go and fly.

“Over 55,000 lost their lives- not just in the Lancaster, but in other aircraft, so it’s a significant part of social history.”

On stage, Dan and Paul will recreate the original experiment which led to the bouncing bomb, invented by Sir Barnes-Wallis and credited with the success of the Dam Busters raid. 

The film will be screened simultaneously across the UK in over 300 cinemas.

Tickets for ‘The Dam Busters with Dan Snow’ at the Royal Albert Hall and in cinemas nationwide are available via

the dambusters