7 SCOTS Step Up Training With Urban Combat Drills

The unit only recently returned to practical training after a long lay-off due to coronavirus.

Reservists with 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland have stepped up their training with urban combat drills at Castle Works Training Area in Dalbeattie.

One of the most demanding forms of combat, the drills give the reservists an opportunity to enhance their close-quarter skills.

Major Andrew Wallace from 7 SCOTS told Forces News it is a "key skill for infanteers" to be able to conduct urban operations.

"If we have well-trained reservists in such a specialist and niche area, we can offer that sort of support to our regular counterparts should they need it," he said.

With potential danger around every turn, teamwork and communication are vital when carrying out the drills.

Private James Fraser said: "It’s quite disorientating, so you need to make sure that your head's in the game and you need to listen to what your team commander’s saying so that you know what to do next."

It represents a rare chance for the reservists to train in such an environment, with the skills learnt potentially vital for when they are next deployed. 

The training allowed the reservists to build up their skills to support their regular counterparts.

Lance Corporal Darren McGurk said: "You’ve got rounds coming at you... there’s smoke, it's kind of hard to breathe sometimes, so you've just got to battle through it."

The training comes after a lengthy lay-off for the reservists of 7 SCOTS due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restrictions have meant reserve training has been largely online, but at the end of last month the reservists went to Warcop Training Area, Cumbria, to sharpen their infantry skills in their first training camp since lockdown.