7 SCOTS Reservists Take Part In First Training Camp Since Lockdown

The reservists of 7 SCOTS went south of the border to Warcop Training Area in Cumbria to sharpen their infantry skills.

7 SCOTS reservists have been put through their paces at their first training camp since the coronavirus lockdown.

Restrictions imposed on training due to the pandemic meant it has been a long wait for the reservists to get back to hands-on training.

Major Andrew Wallace said the soldiers are "pretty pleased to get back out".

"Even just seeing each other face-to-face again, getting the kit on, getting out and doing some training, the soldiers are pretty happy across the board," he said.

The unit remained busy over lockdown, with training taking place online through virtual lessons, whilst some troops assisted with coronavirus mobile testing units across Scotland.

Lance Corporal Dayle Crawford said he has missed the hands-on training, admitting he got "bored just doing the online stuff".

The training exercise aimed to combat any skill fade the reservists may have had over the past few months.

"Getting to do the physical stuff, actually doing something, that's the main reason why we’re here," he said.

The training at Warcop Training Area in Cumbria looked to bring the reservists up to speed following the last few months, combatting any skill fade and ensuring they are prepared and ready to support their regular counterparts.

But it was also a chance for the soldiers, who are spread far and wide over Scotland, to meet up again after a long time apart.

Lieutenant Michael Hunter, who is based in the Western Isles, said: "That [being together] has certainly been something that I think we’ve all missed.

"It’s just good to meet up with the guys."