543 UK Armed Forces personnel dismissed for drug usage in 2020

The Army had the majority of drug usage dismissals with 424.

Hundreds of UK Armed Forces personnel have been dismissed this year for drug usage, with the majority of dismissals in the Army.

The figures were revealed by Johnny Mercer MP, Minister for Defence People and Veterans, in answer to a Parliamentary question on the number of drug usage dismissals in the military in 2020.

In his answer, Mr Mercer provided a full breakdown of the numbers across the three services and called drug usage in the Armed Forces "unacceptable".

Up until 9 December, there had been a total of 543 drug usage dismissals across all three services.

The Army had the majority with 424, while the Royal Navy had 86 and the Royal Air Force had 33.

"It has always been the view of the Ministry of Defence that drug misuse threatens the efficiency and discipline of the services, where individual responsibility and teamwork are essential to operate highly technical, expensive, and potentially lethal equipment," Mr Mercer said.

He also said the services campaign against the misuse of drugs and have a programme designed to educate personnel on the dangers and repercussions of misusing them.

Regular and reserve service personnel are routinely tested for substance misuse.