5 RIFLES Join Cadets On Field Craft Trip

Soldiers from 5th Battalion The Rifles have joined Warminster school's combined cadet force on their field craft trip.

Soldiers from 5th Battalion The Rifles joined Warminster School's Combined Cadet Force on their field craft trip.

During the trip, 5 RIFLES demonstrated weapon handling skills and showcased the art of concealment.

"It's been really interesting having them here and talking about the kit they use," says Ruby Hines from the Warminster School Combined Cadet Force.

"It's like coming together with cadets and actual soldiers."

Training at Warminster 050319 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
The training session with 5 RIFLES at Warminster.

For cadets looking towards a future career in the Army, it was an eye-opening experience.

"As I really want to join the Rifles once I'm older, it's given me a lot of information," says Thomas from the Warminster School's Combined Cadet Force.

"I feel like I really want to join [the Rifles] now."

Young people train with 5 Rifles 050319 CREDIT BFBS
A cadet receives training from 5 RIFLES.

Many of them would like to join the Army later in life so it was a chance to ask questions and explore some of the weaponry they could handle in the future.

"Just having them [5 RIFLES] here today has been very useful to get to know the weapons they use and how they use them," says Dylan from the Warminster School's Combined Cadet Force.

Young boy during field craft 050319 CREDIT BFBS
Cadet during the field craft trip exercise.

The riflemen were quick to show the cadets how to camo-up properly in the art of concealment.

They were also ready to provide as much advice as possible concerning the cadets' future ambitions in the armed forces.

"As much interaction we can get with people who are interested, it's always going to be best practice," explains Sergeant Scott Abraham, from 5 RIFLES.

Young man being the field craft trip 050319 CREDIT BFBS
The cadets learnt how to camouflage.

After a day of learning key military skills, many of the cadets had made their mind up about joining up to the regular Army in the future.

For the Rifles, it had been an opportunity to showcase what they do best.