33 Engineer Regiment Mark Historic Squadron's Return

Soldiers gathered to welcome the return of 49 Field Squadron which was disbanded 5 years ago. 

Soldiers from 33 Engineer Regiment Explosive Ordnance Disposal have taken to the parade ground at Carver Barracks in Essex to mark the return of a historic squadron to the regiment.

Lieutenant Colonel Sam Stuthridge, Commanding Officer of the regiment, said 49 Field Squadron has a long and proud history, and it's an emotional return for many.

"On the parade today you see some of the soldiers who were in 49 when it was disbanded in 2013, so for them it's a special day too, because they feel they are back where they belong as part of a wider family"

49 Field Squadron (EOD) has been disbanded and reformed four times over 120 years. 

Staff Sergeant Kenny Lewin was already aware of the unit's reputation and was keen to join it following his promotion.

"I knew all about the squadron - It's coming back, I wanna be part of this. So it's a pleasure"

33 EOD Reformation Parade

Dozens of veterans were among the guests watching the ceremony. Major Brendan McGourty said it reflected an affiliation that reaches back through the decades.

"It's changed over the years and it will change from the last incarnation to a new one, but that community will follow it through and support it"

33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) will now become a full regular regiment after previously being a combination of regular and reserve personnel.