306 Dusk: The Play Remembering The Soldiers Shot For 'Cowardice & Desertion' In WW1

A play on the soldiers that were shot for cowardice and desertion during the First World War is due to open.

A play about the soldiers who were executed for cowardice and desertion during the First World War is due to open.

They are remembered as the 306 - as that's the number of soldiers that were killed.

Now, the play 303 Dusk tells their stories as it follows a school teacher, an Iraq war veteran and a soldier executed during WW1 - who wakes up after a century.

It's the latest part of a trilogy of plays about the forgotten men who gave their lives a century ago.

306 Dusk
The performance follows the story of three people during Armistice Day on the Somme.

Private Louis Harris was the last British soldier who was shot at dawn in the final days of the conflict.

Oliver Emanuel, the writer of The 306: Dusk, says they were interested in exploring why the men were executed:

"We were talking about attitudes to heroism and how attitudes to heroism have changed and what we think of a hero now vs what was considered heroic then - and we were interested in exploring that.

"For that reason, we were interested in looking at the 306 men who were executed for cowardice and desertion in the First World War and we were interested in integrating those stories and discovering what were the circumstances that these men were executed - and putting our 21st-century lens on that."

306 Dusk
All three characters meet at Delville Woods, the day millions stop to remember.

The composer for the play, Gareth Williams says one of the aims of the play is to address why we still take the time to remember the fallen 100 years later.

"Remembering the remembering we've done for the last 100 years."

The play opens at Perth Theatre this weekend and will run until 27th October.