3 SCOTS Sharpen Skills At Galloway Forest Training Area

Due to coronavirus, 3 SCOTS soldiers have been training closer to home in Galloway Forest Training Area.

Soldiers from 3 SCOTS have been on exercise in the far south-west of Scotland as part of their ongoing NATO mission. 

The Third Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland is held at constant readiness as part of NATO's Very High Readiness Joint Task Force.

The soldiers are part of the land spearhead force and could be called upon to counter any threat to an ally's border.

Normally, 3 SCOTS would be training overseas but due to COVID-19, they have been practising their skills in Galloway Forest.

Exercise Galloway Hackle has seen the soldiers put through their paces and practise working alongside the Foxhound vehicle.

Corporal Ryan Gonzales told Forces News: "As infantry soldiers that's our bread and butter, incorporating the wagons into what we do on a daily basis, so the guys need to then basically learn more and get more confident with using the wagons as well."

The battalion has been part of the NATO task force since the beginning of the year, and is on call to help with any threats or humanitarian relief efforts at short notice.

The unit is maintaining its readiness for its ongoing NATO mission.

The soldiers are on 24/7 notice and must be ready to deploy on operation within five days.

Sergeant Craig Lowe said: "It's a bit different from a normal operation.

"A normal operation - you know when you’re going, you know everything’s happening - with this you’re pretty much stuck in camp, just waiting for that push of a button to go.

"You’re constantly just checking your vehicles making sure they're good, the kit's good, the training’s good, just keeping on top of everything throughout the year to make sure if the button does get pushed you’re good to go at any time."

The exercise was the first training the soldiers have taken part in since returning from their summer leave.