3 SCOTS Get Ready To Be Deployed In Iraq

3 SCOTS are preparing to deploy to Iraq early next year as part of the US protection force.

It's one of the first times America has trusted a foreign military with its security.

While out on their mission they will provide security at the Al-Asad Air Base as part of Operation Shader.

The troops will also be involved in training local Iraqi units in a bid to secure the country.

Foxhound in Afghanistan
3 SCOTS will take on the Foxhounds while out in Iraq

In order to ensure 3 SCOTS are ready for their coming mission, they have been taking part in training on Cumbria’s moors.

A light mechanised battalion by nature, 3 SCOTS have been working on their heavy machine gun skills and firing from mounted positions on vehicles.

When on the ground in Iraq the battalion will be using Mastiffs and Foxhounds.

After completing a full day and night at Cumbria, 3 SCOTS will still have one more training exercise to finish.  At the end of November they will be heading to Norfolk to for a final sharpening of their skills before they depart early 2018.