3 Rifles Test Infantry Skills In 'Chosen Man' Contest

The riflemen are testing their infantry skills over the next few days on a range of challenges to see who is the best.

Soldiers from 3 Battalion The Rifles are competing against each other in the unit's traditional 'Chosen Man' contest.

The competition sees riflemen put through a series of physical challenges, shooting drills and obstacle courses to find out who is the best.

Lieutenant Freddie James, 3 Rifles, said the challenges test "all the things that make an infantry soldier what he is".

The soldiers have been taking part in the challenge after their deployment to Kuwait was cancelled.

The Individual Battles Shooting Range at Barry Buddon Training Camp near Dundee was the culmination of a week's range training for the troops, moving across different terrains likely found in urban conflict scenarios.

Lt James said: "It’s an exciting shoot for the lads who have never done it before.

"It’s very tiring moving up with body armour and helmet and weapon down the range.

"When you do get into a firing position and you’re about to put rounds down, you just need to make sure your breathing is on point and you’re calm and collected.

After the competition concludes, the soldiers will move on to a section contest.
After the competition concludes, the soldiers will move on to a section contest.

"And the biggest one we always say is muzzle clearance... when you've got undulating terrain and you've got concrete and wood, different bits and bobs in front of you, you've really got to make sure your muzzle is also on target as well as your sight."

Rifleman Steven Handley said: "It’s really about your skills and drills in yourself. You don’t rely on your 'muckers' [fellow soldiers], your left and right.

"You’ve got to be switched on and do what you got to do.

"With stuff like this, it's more about focus - there's stuff going on around you, different positions to hold, so you just got to focus, make that sure you're on point.

"You can't rely on anyone else... you can’t get told what to do, you’ve got to do it by yourself."

Once the competition concludes, they will move on to a section contest, with all sections of the company going up against each other to find out which is the best one.

"Although it’s unfortunate we have lost our overseas deployment, we are doing all we can here in camp to deliver good training especially after and during such a turbulent time," Lt James said.