26th Regiment Royal Artillery Bids Fond Farewell To AS90 Gun As Part Of Germany Draw-Down

Their departure from Germany marks a new beginning for 26th Regiment Royal Artillery.

As part of the Army 2020 plan, 26th Regiment Royal Artillery will be moving back to the UK from Germany and re-roles from a close support to a divisional fires regiment.

This has meant a fond farewell to the regiment's AS90 guns, which were saluted as they passed through the gates of Mansa Barracks for the final time.

For 29 years, the self-propelled howitzer weapon has served the regiment, with tours of Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and more recently Estonia.

AS90 Gun Firing

The departure of the AS90 was a poignant occasion for the soldiers, who are preparing to move to their new barracks in Larkhill in Summer 2019.

Commanding Officer Lt Col Kieran Sheldon gives a pep talk to the troops ahead of the parade:

"Today is an important day for us because it marks the departure of the guns from 26th Regiment Royal Artillery.

"The guns for an artillery regiment are our Colours, in the same way, the Standards and the Colours are for an infantry battalion. 

"While it doesn't mean an end to our Colours, because we have other equipment in Newcastle, this is the last time the guns will be in Mansa Barracks and they leave the regiment forever."

AS90 gun 26th Regiment Royal Artillery

After working with the AS90’s for many years, they have become a permanent feature in many of the soldiers' daily lives.

Its departure from Germany will mark a new beginning for 26th Regiment Royal Artillery.