2 SCOTS Hone Afghanistan Skills with Patrol Competition

Soldiers took part in a competition to hone skills they will need when deployed to Afghanistan.

British personnel have honed skills they will need in Afghanistan, with a section patrol competition.

Soldiers from 2 SCOTS took part in the Rowallan Targe Section Competition - a two-day event spread across a vast training area in the Northumbrian countryside, testing their teamwork and non-tactical abilities.

A 60km hike over challenging terrain is littered with both physical and mental challenges, testing the skillset the fusiliers will need when on operations.

Captain Gerry McQuade, 2 SCOTS, said: "The aim of the competition is for that section commander to navigate with his section, get from each stand, and them working as a team to form that cohesive unit at the section level."

2 SCOTS will be deployed to Afghanistan in October as part of Operation Toral.

The regiment started preparing to deploy to Afghanistan last month, and have continued to train for their role on Operation Toral in the weeks since.

Watching the competition at Otterburn was Lieutenant General Ivan Jones, Commander Field Army, who said: "Having soldiers trained to the highest level, able to provide that security and protection as they move round the city is incredibly critical.

"As we look to gradual drawdown from Afghanistan, which will happen, that security in Kabul will [become] as important , if not more important, than ever," he added.

"They’re going out at a critical time to do a critical job."

As part of NATO’s efforts to provide security in the region, thefFusiliers will look to defend the city from insurgents and develop the skills of Afghan forces.

2 SCOTS will take over on Op Toral from their sister battalion, 4 SCOTS, in October.